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I’m Aljun Majo, a reliable freelance full-stack web developer in the Philippines. I offer innovative and efficient technical SEO consultancy services. Let’s optimize your site together for better rankings and visibility.

How Your Business Can Benefit from My Services as a Technical SEO Consultant

I’m committed to providing top-notch technical SEO consulting services. With an innovative and resourceful approach, I can help your website increase its visibility on search engines, ensuring it’s fully optimized for user experience and search engine algorithms. I understand the intricacies of SEO like the back of my hand and I’m reliable in delivering results. Whether you’re struggling with site speed, server errors, crawl issues or any other technical SEO challenges, I’ve got the skills and expertise to solve them. I’ll be your trusted partner in boosting your online presence and driving more organic traffic to your site.

SEO Tools Available:

If you want the best in Technical SEO Audits, you can’t go wrong with my SEO Services. With over a decade of experience and 5-star Google reviews, I’m an expert in my field. Trust me, I’m thorough, innovative, and offer top-notch customer service. Choose me, you won’t regret it.

At Aljun Majo’s SEO Services, I’m dedicated to boosting your online presence. My Duplicate Content Audits are vital for this. I understand duplicate content’s impact on rankings and offer a trustworthy, analytical, and innovative approach. I’ll identify and resolve these issues, providing effective solutions. You can trust me for top-notch SEO services in the Philippines.

At Aljun Majo’s SEO Services, I’m committed to delivering top-notch SEO solutions with a specific focus on optimizing website speed. I understand the importance of a fast-loading site in today’s digital age. I’ll efficiently reduce load times, enhancing user experience and elevating your search engine rankings. Count on me to ensure your website performs optimally, outpacing competitors and ensuring customer satisfaction.

At Aljun Majo’s SEO Services, I’m an expert in Disavow file creation and monitoring. I understand its crucial role in your website’s SEO performance. With my innovative and reliable methods, I efficiently handle Disavow files, ensuring correct submission to Google. Trust me to safeguard your site from harmful backlinks, preserving your SEO strategy’s success while you focus on other business aspects.

I’m committed to providing innovative and reliable WordPress Schema Markup services. By leveraging my expertise, I can efficiently create custom Schema Markups that can significantly improve your website’s SEO performance. This means your website will be more visible to search engines and your potential customers. I understand the technicalities involved and I’m here to simplify the process for you, making your website work harder for you. My services are designed to provide value and results, ensuring your satisfaction is always at the forefront.

As a seasoned Freelance Web Developer and Technical SEO, I’m committed to providing innovative and efficient solutions for your business. My expertise extends to freelance content writing using AI, which can significantly enhance your online presence. Leveraging AI technology, I can create high-quality, SEO-optimized content that resonates with your target audience and boosts your website’s visibility. This versatile service not only frees up your time but also ensures your content is always fresh and engaging. So, no matter what your content needs are, trust me to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Here's Why You Need a Technical SEO Consultant

Think SEO’s just about keywords? You’re missing a big piece of the puzzle. As a business owner, you need to grasp the role of a Technical SEO Consultant. They’ll tackle your website’s technicalities, boosting its search engine rankings. Their expertise can drive organic traffic to your site and increase sales. Don’t let technical issues hinder your success; it’s time to harness the power of strategic, data-driven SEO optimization for complete online freedom.

Understanding the Role of a Technical SEO Consultant

Let’s understand what a technical SEO consultant does and why they’re crucial for your online success.

Imagine you’ve built a beautiful house, but it’s hidden deep in the woods where no one can find it. Your website’s the same. No matter how excellent your content or services are, it’s useless if people can’t find it.

That’s where a technical SEO consultant comes in. They’re the mapmakers of the internet, ensuring that search engines can find and understand your site.

They analyze your website’s structure, optimize it for speed and mobile use, and fix errors that might confound search engines.

They’re like your site’s personal navigation system, guiding you towards more visibility and success.

Essential Skills and Expertise of a Technical SEO Consultant

You’ll need a solid understanding of coding, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills to excel in this role. HTML, JavaScript, CSS- you should be well-versed in these languages. Don’t dismiss the importance of website structuring, either. You’ve got to master site mapping and link building.

Your expertise in SEO tools and analytics is crucial. Without it, you can’t analyze data, track rankings, or conduct keyword research effectively. You need to stay updated on the latest SEO trends and Google algorithm changes too.

Communication skills? Yep, you need those as well. You’ll be explaining technical concepts to non-technical folks, after all. Plus, SEO isn’t a one-and-done deal. It’s ongoing. Be patient, be persistent. Your ability to adapt will get you far in this role.

Key Responsibilities of a Technical SEO Consultant

As you dive deeper into the realm of SEO, understanding the core responsibilities of a Technical SEO Consultant becomes crucial. You’ll learn about the significance of website analysis and auditing, unravel how implementing effective SEO strategies can propel your site’s visibility, and explore how monitoring and reporting on SEO performance can provide actionable insights for future planning. Moreover, keeping up with the ever-evolving trends and developments in SEO is key to ensuring your online presence doesn’t lag behind.

Website Analysis and Auditing

You’ll find that website analysis and auditing are crucial services provided by a technical SEO consultant. These processes provide valuable insights into your website performance, revealing areas that need improvement and opportunities for growth.

The process typically involves:

  • Website Technical SEO Audit
  • On-Page SEO audit
  • Detailed review of the site’s structure
  • Assessment of user experience
  • Technical Recommendations
  • Suggestions to improve loading speed
  • Solutions for any identified issues

A comprehensive competitor analysis is also conducted to understand their strategies better and identify areas where you can gain an advantage. Additionally, keyword research aids in optimizing your site’s content for search engines.

Implementing SEO Strategies

After the audit, you’ll begin implementing strategies to improve your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines using the power of search engine optimization (SEO). This process is a key element of your broader internet marketing strategy. You are not confined by boundaries here; you’re free to explore limitless potential through implementing on-page SEO.

To start, optimize your site speed for a seamless user experience. This is a strategy that searchbots, such as Google, reward with higher rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Conducting keyword research is also crucial; this involves identifying terms your audience uses to find services like yours, which is a fundamental aspect of organic SEO.

Your website architecture isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about making it easy for users and crawlers to navigate your site seamlessly. This is important when considering search engine marketing strategies. In this strategic game, analyzing competitor SEO strategies gives you an edge. It enables you to outsmart them using data-driven insights and avoid pitfalls like a Google penalty due to ‘link spam’.

Remember, freedom lies in knowledge and strategy—embrace it! With careful planning and execution, your site will climb the Google SERPs, bringing you closer to your target audience.

Monitoring and Reporting on SEO Performance

In your next step, you’re going to monitor and report on the performance of your strategies, understanding what’s working and what isn’t. To do this effectively, you’ll need to become skilled in SEO performance monitoring and master key SEO reporting techniques. I’m actively utilizing Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahref, and SEMrush for monitoring and reporting.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • Utilize SEO analytics tools: These can provide insights into traffic sources, engaged keywords or phrases, and user behavior. 
  • Track important SEO performance metrics: This includes organic search traffic, bounce rate, and conversion rate, among others.
  • Details: Monitor regularly for trends and fluctuations.

Remember that knowledge is freedom. By understanding these metrics through the strategic use of tools and techniques, you’ll be well-equipped for SEO performance optimization.

Keeping Up to Date with SEO Trends and Developments

Keeping abreast of the latest trends and developments in the digital marketing world is crucial for your success. SEO algorithm updates occur frequently, and you’ve got to stay on top of these changes to maintain visibility. Mobile optimization strategies are essential; over half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. If your site isn’t optimized, you’re missing out big time.

Voice search optimization is another game changer; more people use voice assistants every day. You must adapt your content accordingly, using natural language and long-tail keywords. Employing effective link-building tactics enhances your site’s authority, while content marketing for SEO boosts traffic and engagement levels. It’s a dynamic landscape, but navigating it strategically ensures your freedom in the digital marketplace.

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Reliable Freelance Web Developer & Technical SEO with 5-star Google Reviews

benjam cabuyao
benjam cabuyao
March 14, 2023
I recently worked with Aljun for my WordPress web development needs, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Aljun is an expert in his field and was able to create a beautiful and user-friendly website that perfectly represents my business. He was responsive, professional, and a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Aljun to anyone in need of WordPress web development services.
Ron Santiago
Ron Santiago
March 5, 2023
Aljun is an expert in Technical SEO and WordPress web development!!! I recently worked with him on optimizing my website for search engines and was blown away by his knowledge and professionalism.... Aljun was able to identify and fix all of my technical SEO issues, which resulted in a significant improvement in my search engine rankings. He also gave me valuable insights and recommendations on improving my website's performance. I highly recommend Aljun to anyone in need of Technical SEO or WordPress web development services. Thanks, Aljun!!!!!
Sophia Christy Jacob
Sophia Christy Jacob
February 2, 2023
I put my project out to 5 different agency to see who was good and who wasn't, and Aljun was the BEST web and seo guy!!!!
alfred yude
alfred yude
January 26, 2023
Aljun is very conscientious and skilled. He produced more complex and beautiful website work than I expected, all his developed websites were appropriate to a business context and he is responsible and a delight to work with. You're lucky if you can work with him.
January 26, 2023
Absolutely the best! He started working on our project right away and communicated with me every step of the way, giving updates as he started each phase. Did excellent work and has a nice, friendly personality. Will hire again!