Website Technical SEO Audit (FREE)

Why is a Technical SEO Audit Crucial for Your Business Success?

Imagine you’re on a road trip. You have your destination in mind, your car packed, and your favorite playlist queued up. But just as you’re about to set off, you realize that the engine isn’t starting. No matter how much effort you put into planning and packing, without a functioning engine, you’re not going anywhere. Similarly, no matter how visually appealing or content-rich your website is, without proper technical SEO optimization, it’s just like a car with a faulty engine – unable to reach its intended audience.

Technical SEO audit serves as an oil change and tune-up for your website that ensures everything runs smoothly and efficiently. It uncovers hidden issues that might be preventing search engines from crawling or understanding your site correctly. By identifying these issues early on and addressing them promptly, we can significantly improve your site’s visibility in search results.

  • Identifying crawl errors
  • Checking mobile usability
  • Testing site speed
  • Checking broken links
  • Checking website health scores
  • Reviewing meta tags and descriptions
  • Inspecting XML sitemaps

Just like regular maintenance keeps our vehicle running at its best performance level; similarly conducting regular Technical SEO audits help us keep our websites healthy and well-optimized for both search engines as well as users.

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